Jorge Hernandez de la Garza wins the Pani Prize in 1999, he studied design at AA in London, in 2006 won the Icon Award design with Vladimir Kaspé Cultural Center in 2007 was selected as one of 44 international firms for Young Architects Annual Event in Spain. In 2008 the association of architects of Mexico gives the first mention young architects under forty. His works have been published in Tokyo, England, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Korea, Russia and Mexico.


Miguell Angel leads the area of architectural visualization from virtual models in the conceptualization stage to project completion. It is a great support in the area of architectural design to Jorge Hernandez de la Garza.

Alin Gamboa joined the team HERNANDEZDELAGARZA in 2014, has extensive experience in the development of architectural projects executives. Participates in major office projects among them residential, public buildings and interior design.

Luis Gutierrez Architect with over thirty years of experience in the field of architectural design, construction, facilities and structure. He has participated in important office as the City Express and La Estacion projects. He has a Masters in Restoration of Monuments and Sites, Diploma in Sustainable Design and Construction, Professor of twenty years of study architecture.

Mauricio Gutierrez study a degree in Architecture and Master of Architecture Technology Area at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and he specialized in Real Estate Valuation at the Mexican Institute of Valuation. His contribution in the area of Facility Design has been significant especially in Amsterdam and Smooth Building.

Enrique Avalos is a civil engineer and has participated in projects HERNANDEZDELAGARZA since 2007 mainly in the area of Structural Design and Foundations.

Jessica Rubio manages the office and organize its work helps establish order and strategy into the office HERNANDEZDELAGARZA.

Georgette Wilthew joined the design team in 2016  her enthusiasm and commitment has been directly involved herin residential projcts and interior design.

Isabel participating in the internship program in collaboration with La Salle University enthusiasm and commitment has been directly involved in ongoing projects of the office.